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Last post on the forum
Settling in...
Just sayin'
What an awful week!
Back on island
Nice visit...
Look what I found
Watermelon Fun!
Update on the Deltec
Sorry I've been MIA
This pretty much sums it up...
A little bit more than ridiculous
Anybody know...?
Long Term Rentals
Moving to STJ tip #239
Kids and The Willy T
Buying used furniture..
Cocktails in Paradise
Island flowers
Not your average field trip
So much improvement!
Prime Real Estate
Happy Friday!!
Do you know where this is?
Cinco De Mayo Party=Big Success!!
Quick trip north last weekend
Yummy Food!
3 :)
Wapa Bill lowest EVER!
Cinco de Mayo Fiesta at The Tamarind
Boston <3
Yay! I did something right!
Do you think he likes it here?
Beach Bar Bathroom
Bugs in Paradise
Say it isn't so...
Painkiller must have!
It's getting warmer!
Pie Whole-STT
Got crabs??
When it rains it pours - except in Fish Bay
Green Thursdays!
Run, Andrew! Run!
Island Necessity
my maho bay field trip-by shane
Coming Soon- Shane's Blog
My Blog Archives
I have a new phone!
Wild Orchids
do you know what month it is?
Gifft Hill School Auction
Update on Repo
My love/hate list for St. John.
Matt's job
Wapa Bill #5 doing a happy dance!
Thank you New Balance!!
feeling psychic?
Another fun day in paradise!
Repo-The Westin Bird
Would you try this?
More Amazing Books!!!!!
Thursday Night-Must do!!
Blue Guitar
More Books!
Dancin' in the streets!
Cotton Tree
You all know Tahoe Dave?
WAPA bills #3 and #4
My baby made the paper!
Surfs Up!
so totally bummed...
Help a brother out.
Busy Saturday in Cruz Bay
What do you think?
GHS Library Update
Our monthly St. Thomas trip.
Thank you Davis Family!!!
Do you know where this sign is??
Happy Anniversary!
Coral Bay Gardens
McGuyver's at it again.
My island Car
The New Balance Challenge
Salomon Beach makes Tripadvisor's list
Thank You, Donna!
A new, improved Fork in the Road!
Beware of the lime trees.
HI Ho Hi Ho!
Wapa #2
The frog is OUT of the cistern.
One of my Boston Peeps is making jewelry.
Gifft Hill School Gives Back
Reef Bay Beach
So a funny thing happened the other day.
Pics from Paradise!
Where's this at?
Hiking the Reef Bay Trail
Walking Tito.
On the most laid back of islands, please make sure you bring your resume!
Drive on the LEFT side of the road!
Another moving blog.
I need a favor.
My budding artist!
Happy Halloween from St. John!
Boston Peeps
Getting a Health Card
Now this could have been a disaster.
Line dry!
My poor baby!
We have a frog in our cistern.
Powell Park
Friendship Day October 20, 2012
Flowers :)
Just play!
Oh deer!
Fish bay gut
This is where we live.
Settling in.
Questions from a seven year old--#1
It's so quiet around here!
"I still feel like I'm on vacation!"
We have been here for one full week! Sept. 4 2012
We're here!
Wish us luck! August 27, 2012
One week from today! :)
Learn from my mistakes.
Everything has shipped! August 13, 2012
Just noticed... August 3, 2012
I promise not to bore you with my boxes anymore! July 27, 2012
Just a little update.
Your'e moving where?
42 days.
So excited!
We have an address! June 25, 2012
$pending lots of ca$h.
Do I really need to bring a pizzelle machine?
I know your'e jealous...
The best tip ever!
70 days and counting. June 18, 2012
Our one way trip. June 15, 2012