We have been here for one full week! Sept. 4 2012

By P-600

So far it has been great! When we arrived the owner had picked up three of our boxes the next day a big one came ( it had the Keurig machine so my hubby was pumped). And then nothing, until today when there were 11 boxes! It was like Christmas in September!
My son had his first day of school today and loved it! We have been to the beach every day, the weather has been amazing! We were invited to a BBQ on Sunday at Hawksnest with the locals. We had a great time and my son made some new friends.
On a bad note, the mosquito's are relentless my sons legs look horrible. Ive gone through two cans of off already. Our cell service is awful! We need to switch soon! We made our first trip to STT last week and survived. I wish I had planned better because I would have bought a lot more $50 round trip we need to have a better plan. Today I spent an hour trying to " bundle" my phone, Internet and cable. Still no bundle but it's all good :)