A little bit more than ridiculous

By P-600

I was in Starfish a couple of weeks ago and corn was on sale 2 ears for $1.50. It looked good, not "Native Corn" like we would get in the Northeast in late July or early August but "fresh good" which is very exciting for us. The woman in front of me in line had about six ears but she told me she got the last ones so the next day I saw a woman with a CRATE of them and I got excited and asked the woman at the register if I could have some of those and she said "No, that woman reserved them" UGH!
So a new week rolls around and Starfish had the corn again, I grabbed six ears of corn...Well apparently, the sale was over and guess how much Starfish Market wanted per ear of corn????????
6 @ $3.69EACH!!!! $22.14 for six ears of corn!!!!!! I have never done this in my life but I told the girl at the register that I would take 3... Still a major rip off but was craving corn on the cob at this point!