Long Term Rentals

By P-600

The rental market here is well... crazy! The last few months everyone has been scrambling to find the right place. Apartments are expensive, stand alone houses are pretty rare and super expensive. We love our house we rented and have signed a lease for another year. Some of my friends were looking to move so I was able to go along with them to check out the houses/apartments. There was one house by the Westin that had at least 70 steps to the house. I couldn't imagine a STT run and having to bring all that stuff down to the house. Another house we saw was $$$ had an ok view but was so 80's dated with dead gungalo's everywhere. Only one of my friends left their rental which was an adorable little home in the valley, they now live in a huge two bedroom, two bath apartment with ton's of space and small water views. Be prepared to spend around 2K + a month for a decent apartment/home and remember that doesn't include electricity. In my opinion, the best places to look are virgin craigslist just make sure they are legit, the Tradewinds newspaper, Connections, and word of mouth. I also recommend you look at them in person.
We are staying right here.