St. Thomas: Shopping

St. Thomas is famously known for its jewelry shopping. It has gained a reputation as a popular destination for jewelry enthusiasts and shoppers, particularly those looking for luxury and duty-free items.

St. Thomas is home to numerous jewelry stores and boutiques, particularly concentrated in the capital city of Charlotte Amalie. You can find a wide range of jewelry options, including diamonds, gemstones, watches, gold, and silver jewelry. Many of the stores offer tax-free shopping, making it an attractive destination for those seeking high-quality jewelry at competitive prices.

The island's long history as a trading hub and its status as a duty-free port have contributed to its prominence in the jewelry industry. It attracts both locals and tourists seeking unique pieces or looking to take advantage of the tax benefits when purchasing jewelry.

When visiting St. Thomas for jewelry shopping, it's advisable to research reputable stores, compare prices and quality, and ensure that you're dealing with a trustworthy seller.

Below is a selection of some of our favorite stores and boutiques:

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