Watermelon Fun!

By P-600

My friends call me "the fruit killer". I don't really care for fruit unless it is soaked in rum or in a drink. So I saw a new, amazing way to kill the fruit on Pinterest and of course I had to give it a try!
Directions: Find the "right" spot on the watermelon where it sits just right. Cut the top off like you would a pumpkin (large enough for your hand to fit in) take out all of the watermelon and put it through the blender then strain it. Set aside. Carefully, drill a hole in the watermelon a little smaller than the size of your faucet, place a washer, we used the top of a Florida's Natural Orange Juice Container and then screw on the other end. It is actually really sturdy and lasts for a couple of days. Add vodka or rum, we used Tito's Vodka to taste. Delish!
I decided to take her on a field trip to see my friends (who loved her by the way!)
She got to visit the boats in the harbor!
Too bad watermelon's are so darn expensive on STJ! I'll bring the faucet back just in case they have a sale :)