Back on island

By P-600

Got back yesterday to find our power was shut off. It was my fault because I didn't pay the bill on time. Ugh! It was really hot in the house but my two battery operated fans worked like a charm. They are a definite must have for living here. Before we left we bought a case of bleach and cut the tops off and left one in every room of the house for mold. I think it worked pretty well but we still have mold inside the cabinets all over the leather headboard and on the arms of the chairs. Everything smells funky since it was closed up for so long. We only found four dead cockroaches :) Our cistern water smells like the bathrooms at Hawksnest so we poured bleach in there and let it run for a while. Our cars started right up! We disconnected the batteries and waxed them up and left them in our garage. We also put a bar of Irish Spring in each of them which is supposed to keep the critters out. Shane starts school in the morning so i plan on spending the day cleaning everything in the cabinets once this water smells better. It's been really nice seeing friends and catching up, we went to Hawksnest after we did yard work today. I brought back a slip and slide which the kids had a blast on. The water is just right:) It's good to be home!!