It's so quiet around here!

By P-600

We have vacationed about four times a little bit later in September/ early October time frame but right now I am amazed at how few people are around. We took the little guy down to Cruz Bay on Saturday night to get an ice cream and it was really quiet.
Shane continues to love school. He lost a tooth last night and the tooth fairy found him. She must have only had a ten dollar bill in her wallet so he got lucky;). We took a break from the beach today to go down town again. He bought a pair of flip flops and some post cards! Back to the beach tomorrow!
I stopped by the mail center yesterday afternoon and to my surprise 7 boxes had arrived :). They had been there since Thursday though :0. Been here two weeks today and I don't miss home especially when my mom told me the low overnight last night was 39 degrees! Yuk!