Getting a Health Card

By P-600

You need to have a Health Card to work in the Service Industry here. Even Hostesses at some places are required to have one. They are only good for one year. This is what you have to do to get one.
First you have to stop at the DeCastro Clinic right in town and pick up this little "goodie bag".
Then you need to fill the container with #2 Yes, I know too much information!! Then you need to fill out the form and bring it up the the Myrah Keating Health Center where you need to register as a patient with the front desk. Go to the Cashier and pay the $25 fee. Then you can give them your sample.
After that, you go back to the DeCastro clinic in town and register there. Pay them another $30 dollars. Then you wait three days for your results and pick up your card between specified hours. Phewwwww!
I did learn something new during this process. My mailing address is in Estate Enighed which I was pronouncing ee-nide NOPE! it's pronounced eeni-hide!