"I still feel like I'm on vacation!"

By P-600

That from my son after three days of going to school. He hasn't had any homework yet so maybe it will all set in when he does? Idk. We have made it to the beach after school every day. We stay late, in the water, the only place to be when the no see ums come out around 530.
We met a family who moved here one month ago. They lived in the town next to us north of Boston. So crazy! We also met another family who has lived here for years and we used to hang around with their brother. Very small world!
We are thinking about jobs, it is slow season so we have been told not to get discouraged. We are just thinking about what we may want to do. We have a lot of ideas but really need to make good money a the same time! I'll let you know what we come up with!
Life is good here!