Settling in.

By P-600

We have been here for three weeks today. Shane has adjusted well to his school he has made many friends. There are two other families from Boston that just moved here in the last couple of months. One family lived in the very next town and the other is just a couple of towns away. This weekend was so much fun a lot of people from school went to the Beach Bar and the parents all were hanging out while the kids played on the beach. There were at least 25 kids all playing, running up and down the beach and just having FUN! We went to the beach on Saturday and of course being from Boston we all had to watch the Patriots play so we headed to Skinny Legs on Sunday. It was packed! We had a great time!
My husband had been gone for 10 days because he had to finish up a job at home. I survived all by myself even had to handle my car breaking down, getting a new battery and installing with some help from my neighbor. He will be bringing my computer so I promise lots of pics soon come!
Tonight friends we met on Capt. John's boat a couple of years ago are stopping by for a cocktail. I'm looking forward to seeing them again.
Tomorrow I'm going to work! Woohoo!