Quick trip north last weekend

By P-600

My computer is broken.. I think it has a virus so I'm sorry no pictures :(

Very last minute we booked a trip to JFK to attend my brother in law's 50th Birthday Bash in Connecticut. It was my first trip to the states since August and it was so much fun. We left STT on Friday at 1:00 left our car in the parking lot at the airport which was really reasonable at on $34 dollars. We got back this morning (MONDAY) before noon. Nonstop both ways on American. Sweet!! We took two suitcases and put the smaller suitcase inside the larger one so we could bring back some goodies! I managed to fill it to 51 pounds and they didn't charge me extra. I went to Target and Matt went to BJ's. We stocked up on frozen meat and I got snacks which cost a fortune down here. Shane is obsessed with Goldfish crackers and I refuse to pay $6 for them here at Starfish. I noticed a Dunkin Donuts near the baggage collection carousel and was in HEAVEN!!! I got my iced coffee!!!
(((Insert pic of my tanned hand drinking a medium skim milk and 2 splenda's ))

and Shane got a chocolate frosted with jimmies!! :)

(((Insert pic of Shane taking a massive bite out of his first donut in 10 months))))


rewind a bit--because I'm too lazy to edit this right now...
So, as we were flying in Shane was looking out the window and asked me if we were going to go on that "drivey thing" I asked him what he was talking about and said "down there where all those cars are" I said "A HIGHWAY????!!!!!!!" He totally forgot what a highway is!! Then we proceed to the escalator and he freaked out!! I can't tell you how many times he has been on an escalator. It was like a scene from Castaway! He was petrified of the escalator!!!! At this point I am starting to freak out a bit! What the hell have I done to this poor kid!

We took him to Target (2nd trip) to pick out a toy. We ate Chinese Food (not as good as Massachusetts)! The pollen was terrible in Connecticut and Shane sneeze pretty much the entire time. It was good to see family..But...

It is good to be home...
(insert pic of the beach)