Just a little update.

By P-600

I mailed a "smaller" box today with tracking to see how long it will take to arrive on STJ. We are five weeks away from our arrival and I figured one "small" box wouldn't take up too much space in the Mail Center. I need to know how long it should take so I can plan to take my sheets and other important items on the plane with me if I need to. I also spoke with the woman from the post office and she really thinks I am better off sending the prepaid boxes, like the ad says "if it fits it ships" it doesn't matter how heavy the box is so it will be great for my heavy items like utensils, batteries, candles etc. I think she is right, I sent something today that was only 6 pounds and it cost me $12. I plan on doing some "surgery" to my boxes with a utility knife ;) and take out the things I don't need and rearrange the rest. You can tell I am a Virgo right about now.
We signed up to volunteer for the Using Sports for Social Change event being held on STJ in October. We signed Shane up to participate so that should be fun! Lprof from the forum posted a link to vote so they can win a $5,000 grant. Here is the link and you can vote more than once if you have more than one email address. So please vote!
On another note, my husband's phone is ringing off the hook for second story additions! All I can say is OMG which is better than WTF which is what I really want to say.