WAPA bills #3 and #4

By P-600

So last month I didn't post the Wapa bill because I've been slackin', I admit. Last months bill was the record breaker with a Grand Total of $702!! It must have been the one strand of 30 Christmas lights around our tiny tree that put us over the top. This month's bill which we got today was $527.85 Woo Hoo!! We haven't been using the Central AC at all which brought it down but then LEAC went up this month. Never thought I would be so happy to have a $500 Electric Bill.
The breakdown is as follows:
Customer Charge 6.22
Base Rate @ .093387
LN LOSS Surcharge @ .002196
Pilot Sur @ .000686
Fuels Charge @ .412648 which totals $422.96 * Ouch!
We used 1025 KWH

Now we need rain! Lots and lots of rain because the cistern is almost empty!