42 days.

By P-600

We met the new tenants at our house yesterday and handed over the keys. They promised to take care of my house-I'm sure they will. It was a little sad (maybe a lot) but when one door closes another one opens.
We leave in 42 days and I'm getting nervous. Most of my anxiety has to do a lot with all of these boxes. I think I have a new plan so please let me know what you would do.
At first, I thought I would just mail everything within one weeks time (about 8 boxes a day for five days), two weeks prior to our arrival. Keep in mind that these boxes are pretty small with a few larger ones thrown in here and there.
Now, I think I'm just going to send the really important stuff, linens, silverware, my son's things to make him feel at home, some toys which will equal about 10 boxes and have someone ship the rest for us on an as needed basis.
I have never seen this house (I know you should never rent sight unseen) but I spoke with someone who had been in the house before. I just keep thinking what if we don't like living there ( I just smacked myself for you) and I have to ship all this stuff back or sell it on island. Do I really want to do that?
I have said this before but I started packing some items back in January and although I wrote everything down that is in the boxes and numbered them, some important stuff is more than likely mixed with "what the heck was I thinking when I packed this" stuff.
Right now, it seems like most of the important stuff is what I am packing these last few days and these things are much bigger items like king size pillows and blankets, towels etc. taking up a lot of space.
Anyways, that is my dilemma.. Add your two cents if you would like.