Our one way trip. June 15, 2012

By P-600

We purchased our one way tickets with airline miles (just from going back and forth to STT) on American Airlines. I was really happy to be able to fly for free, even with a stop in Miami which is our only choice off season. We bought our tickets at the beginning of May and were supposed to arrive on STT around 2 pm. Great! I thought.
A few weeks later we got an email that our flights had been changed and we would now have a 7 hour stop over in Miami and arrive on STT at 8 pm! That would have us taking the 9pm ferry to STJ. I freaked out a bit and called AA (nicely) and told them there was no way I could arrive that late, or even have a layover for 7 hours with a 7 year old. The woman on the phone changed our flight with no problem to arrive in STT at 12pm. Awesome :) !!
Two days ago they just changed it again, back to a 2 pm landing. I know we will arrive on August 28th just not sure what time.