my maho bay field trip-by shane

By P-600

Two weeks ago my class went to Maho bay camps for a field trip. We went with the third graders to. We went in the school van.
When we got there we made maps, paper and a sun catcher. The maps were made of tents. From the campground. The paper was kinda hard to make. I had to get a frame and then put in a bucket. Then I took the frame and dunked it under the water, let it dry and it picked up small pieces of paper and then I designed the paper with stencils and colored water in a spray bottle. For the glass, our glass teacher had to take a pole and put it in the fire. Then she put it on the table and smushed it onto the table. We were able to choose the design and I chose a dolphin. I then took a blow torch sprayed it at the fire and it melted into a thin piece of glass with my dolphin on it. We had to let it cool off for four days and someone brought it to my school. We had so much fun I'm going to be really sad when the camp closes.