Beware of the lime trees.

By P-600

This is the story..One of our friends was visiting Annaberg and they came across a lime tree. Their little girl was touching the tree and the limes, He ended up with some blisters on his lips and she ended up with this.

Here is what I found on emedicine regarding this..

Phytophotodermatitis (PPD) is a cutaneous phototoxic inflammatory eruption resulting from contact with light-sensitizing botanical substances and long-wave ultraviolet (UV-A 320-380 nm) radiation. The eruption usually begins approximately 24 hours after exposure and peaks at 48-72 hours.[1]

Phytophotodermatitis typically manifests as a burning erythema that may subsequently blister. Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation lasting weeks to months may ensue. In some patients, the preceding inflammatory reaction may be mild and go unrecognized by the patient. In this case, the patient presents with only pigmentary changes.

So along with watching out for Christmas Bus you may want to stay clear of the lime trees. This is some really nasty stuff. A lot of island kids have had it and it scars them terribly.

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