When it rains it pours - except in Fish Bay

By P-600

Yesterday we went to the RMV to get my inspection sticker and guess what? They wouldn't give it to me because of the plastic on my back window. HA-They don't want anymore "island cars" !! So I guess I have to spend the 500 bucks for a new window. The cars are supposed to be in original factory condition. Have they looked around??

Then we ran out of propane for the grill at dinner. In the states that would cost me $12 dollars to fill up at BJ's here it's $40 bucks!

Oh but there's more. Matt couldn't work this week because there is no lumber on island!
Oh but there's more than that too! Last night we went out to Ms Lucy's Full Moon Party we parked across the street and when we got out of the car our tire was flat.

Today will be a better day!!

I still love it here!

Does anyone know of any salvage yards on St. Thomas? With the massive dent in the back of my car and the broken window I think I might be better off trying to find the entire back door for my 05 Rav 4. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!