We have an address! June 25, 2012

By P-600

Well it's a personal mail box which we got at the Mail Center upstairs from Starfish Market. It feels so good to write our address on our boxes! They charge $175 per year for an inside box (I'm not sure if outside boxes are a different price). We thought that it was a better choice than the Post Office for parking purposes and convenience. I asked the woman at the Mail Center how far in advance we should send our packages and she said two weeks. The last thing we want to do is aggravate anyone with our boxes taking up their valuable space so we will send them August 14th. Someone also recommended buying the women some baked goods or something to start off on the right foot and let them know I appreciate what they are doing--I will do that.
On a really good note, my husband just signed a contract on a pretty good size second story addition. The not so good news it is less than a mile away from the house we just rented out! :o Ooops! He will have an hour and a half commute from Cape Cod each way or have to stay at our friend's house. No pressure or anything but he only has 65 days to finish it! Where we these people all winter? This should be interesting!