Yummy Food!

By P-600

My husband HATES when I take pictures of food so there won't be any food porn. He doesn't mind when I take pictures of cocktails though..Strange... Anyways, we ate out nearly every meal when my daughter came to visit. We normally don't go out to eat much. Maybe the BB once a week or High Tide. We tried a bunch of places we hadn't been to before.
Here is my list..
Jakes for Breakfast. Love this place. Potato Pancakes, Breakfast Burrito's, Omelet's oh my!
The service was really fast the three times we ate here which was an unexpected surprise.
Lunch: We ate at The Taqueria upstairs from Starfish twice. Really good and reasonably priced Mexican.
Two thumbs up goes to Asolare which had the MOST amazing appetizer I've ever had. It was mozzarella wrapped around ricotta cheese, cherry tomatoes that were flash fried and local honey and hot pepper sauce. It was so amazing!
Dalivio's was another great meal. The pizza was great and I got the bolognese which was terrific.
Banana Deck's Rib Eyes are the best. If you want steak you must go here. They had a blue cheese and balsamic reduction that was to die for!
High Tide is always good in my opinion. Even very late at night when you should just go home but you're craving onion rings ;D
We were disappointed with Waterfront Bistro :(
We went to Ocean Grill, Zozo's and Fatty Crab with them the last time they visited which are all really good.
Now I need a serious diet!