Island Necessity

By P-600

We purchase water once a week from St. John Ice and Water in the Lumberyard complex. We usually fill 2-5 gallon containers and about 5 individual gallons of water per week. I also purchased a ZeroWater container and shipped it down here before our move. It is just like a Brita or any other charcoal water filter but it comes with a handy little device that measures the particles in the water. Back in August, when we first arrived our cistern sat for a couple of months because there wasn't anybody living in the house so our first reading was 127 particles. We have 2 filters the water runs through before it actually comes through the faucet. Today I tested it to show you how it works and it read 52. After you run it through the Zero Water. Tada- It reads ZERO! Clean water!!
I've been drinking bottled water my entire life because I grew up in Woburn, Mass. You may have seen the movie "A Civil Action" starring John Travolta. That movie was based on the city I grew up in. A lot of kids died from Cancer back in the mid 70's early 80's due to illegal dumping of chemicals into the land, which made it's way to our wells and eventually into our homes. So that is why I'm obsessed with clean drinking water.

Old school and new cups from High Tide-giving my friend Kelli some love :)
BTW-The water we buy from St. John Ice has ZERO particles! YAY!