By P-600

My husband has been stressing out, running to the mailbox daily, looking for our WAPA bill. He googled how to read a meter and calculated every day always coming up with a different number which thankfully were wrong. It was really getting annoying. Well, we didn't get it! I'm not sure why because they have the correct address so after talking to a few people who go their bills, we went upstairs to WAPA (which is on the third floor at the Marketplace) gave them our account number. Anybody want to guess what it is????
The grand total...
$608.00 YIKES!
We do use the AC at night and shut it off first thing in the morning, we keep it at 81 degrees the house is usually 89 during the day. We tried to sleep one night without it and the tree frogs (which I love the sound) were driving the man of the house CRAZY!
I guess I'll have to buy him some earplugs!