We're here!

By P-600

Our travel day went well although the Miami to STT flight seemed to take forever We met the owner who was wonderful and she showed us around the house and told us everything we needed to know about installing "h" shutters, cistern info etc. We love this house! The house has central air so we are trying to figure out if shutting the system down all day and then putting it on at night or just putting up the temp during the day and lowering it at night is best. Today we shut it off completely and it still seems ok in here after a couple of hours of it being off.
We set up our cable, phone and Internet service yesterday which was great it was on a couple of hours later. Probably because the owner just shut if off about six weeks ago but I'll take it. Wapa took a long time to set up but the ladies were really nice in the office. Our Sprint cell service does not work at all here in Fish Bay so we are going to get AT&T for at least one additional cell.
Tomorrow we have orientation at Shane's school. Today we are heading to STT to pick up a lot of items. Starfish Market seems so much more expensive to me I don't know if it is because when we were on vacation we didn't care so much about prices.
I can't post pics from my iPad but when I get my other computer in a couple of weeks I'll post some pics.
We did manage to get to Hawksnest yesterday. The water is so warm right now. Just the way I like it!