Just noticed... August 3, 2012

By P-600

That I am fifth in line for the "forumites on the island" YIKES!! This is NOT like going on vacation. Normally, I would be trying to put together an itinerary of what beach on what day, where are we going to eat, what am I going to pack for food etc... Now I'm just FREAKING out! I'm thinking about everything like food shopping, unpacking, cleaning the house, taking my car on the car barge (never done that), driving on STT (never done that), finding jobs, buying Shane's school shirts, paying the rent, attending a meeting at his school, getting a driver's license, getting a new cell phone, getting cable, phone and internet hooked up, getting another job, paying my WAPA bill, and the list goes on!
I will try and take your advice Xislandgirl and get to the beach but I have to admit it is the last thing on my mind right now.