I need a favor.

By P-600

I have volunteered to "organize" the library at the Gifft Hill School. We (My Boston Peeps) thought it would be a few hours. Well, we are working on almost three weeks and I have to say it is pretty sad that the books in this library are SO old. We threw out a lot of books because they were moldy, most are from the '70's when the Pine Peace School opened. I'm asking for your help. If you have any books that you may want to donate to the school, it would be so appreciated! This library does not have any books from the Harry Potter series, Nate the Great books, Hunger Games, anything recently popular. If you have them lying around the house, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send them to me. You can get a book rate through the post office which is a lot cheaper than the regular rate. The children appreciate our work so much and tell us every time they are in the library how grateful they are that we are fixing their library!

My mailing address is:
Julie Lasota
5000 Enighed PMB 192
St John VI 00830

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