Everything has shipped! August 13, 2012

By P-600

Sorry I've been MIA lately. I promised not to bore you with my boxes but that's all I've got going on. My "test" package took 18 days via USPS Parcel Post to get to STJ so we should be on island when our next group of packages arrive. We leave in 15 days!!! I sent out 14 packages today and it cost less than $300.00 including tracking! We also decided to wait on shipping some of the other boxes.
My husband is almost finished with those two big jobs he got and nothing ever materialized from the calls he received for those second story additions. So he is good to go :) Everyone is telling us they are going to come and visit us. I will bet that other than my kids, less than ten of our friends and family will come to visit. I really don't think I'll have much time to entertain anyway! We are REALLY looking forward to our move!!