Got crabs??

By P-600

This is Ted. Ted's got crabs. Lots and lots of crabs. We met him on Sunday when we went to our first Jazz Brunch at Ms. Lucy's. Great brunch and even better location. We loved Ms. Lucy's so we went back on Wednesday night for their monthly Full Moon Party. Once again Ted entertained us with his hermit crabs.
The crab races are fun and the kids had a great time. We were lucky because the kids are on Spring Break from school this week so they got to stay out late.
For $20 you choose 5 crabs and you have to name them. Ted will put the name you choose on their shells. The first one outside the ring is the winner. The prizes are great! Trips on Kekoa, Wayward Sailor, Cloud 9 and more!! Check out Ted every Sunday at Brunch and at the Full Moon parties at Ms. Lucy's. He's a great guy!!