The "h" word June 13, 2012

By P-600

Since we are arriving mid season. I have been taking notes from various websites for a while so we know what to do in case one hits. I have been through a few before in Massachusetts but I don't think they compare at all, these are much more devastating. We want to be prepared and keep our family safe, so I have compiled a list.


Things we need to do when we arrive on island: stock up on bottled water, canned goods, don't overstock the refrigerator, we do have propane gas to cook with, freeze water in gallon ziplock bags, buy rope and a bucket, bleach (to chlorinate the cistern), buy a machete, buy a large cooler.

I have already bought and packed: lots of batteries, 2 battery powered fans, lots of bug spray, flashlights, car chargers for the phone, first aid kit, solar lanterns (thanks Cheryl-I got that off your Facebook page last season), emergency candles, 3 Sun Shower's from Bass Pro Shops, noaa weather radio.

If a "h" is on the way: prepare the house, fill a big cooler with ice, clean house and get laundry done, remove or tie down anything that can become a projectile, fill car with gas, don't park the car under a tree, get money from the bank, plug roof gutter inserts to the cistern. Don't get drunk!

Prepare a tool bag: boots, chain saw, hammer, gloves, zip ties, duct tape, contractor bags

Prepare a go bag: Passports, change of clothes, flashlights, money with small bills, cell phone and charger, emergency numbers, medications, sun screen, bug spray, notarized letter to allow kids to travel without you.

In the event a "h" hits, it is possible that there would not be any Wapa, Supermarkets or Gas for a week. If you have any other tips, please let me know so I can add them to my list.