to do list June 13, 2012

By P-600

We are quickly checking off items on our list of things to do.
We painted the interior rooms back in February and are doing touch up painting in all rooms now.
Our closets have all been cleared out.
Attic is completely cleared out.
One bedroom is completely empty.
My bed, television and clothes are the only things left in my room.
Little Dude's room needs to be cleared out (we are waiting until he is at the Cape-I don't want to bum him out)
Kitchen cabinets all cleaned and need to pack remaining items for STJ.
Garage needs to be painted.
Shed should be done on Monday and we can store construction equipment.
We sold the dump truck/plow truck and on top of getting $$ we negotiated 2 years of landscaping for the tenants. It also gives us peace of mind knowing the grass will be cut and the leaves will be picked up.
I am going to start trying to sell my SUV next month.
My husband will keep his pick up truck so we can tow our boat here on the Cape.
We chose not to keep our boat at the harbor this year so we can save $$. We will just pull the boat in and out on the trailer when we use it
We plan on selling the jet ski.
We need to clean the carpets once the furniture is out.
We have to buy a new refrigerator :( UGH!!!
My son's last day of school is a half day on Tuesday and I plan on being finished with everything I need to do on Thursday of this week, then I will come to the Cape for the summer.
All the leases have been signed and payments made.

Hoping to get everything done and out of the way quickly so we can enjoy the summer!