Villa Jumbie: Great location, wonderful space!

Rating: (Excellent)

Villa Jumbie was awesome. I find that when I read these reviews, I always wish there were more details included about how the property is physically set up and the ease of drive in getting to the place so I want to focus on that. We stayed there January 2013.

With a turn across from the fire station in Coral Bay, you head up SeaGrape Hill. The drive is paved the whole way up and although the property doesn't sit very high, you have to take several switchbacks up and some back down in order to reach the property. Because the drive is paved, it's much easier to access than many driveways in the area. We had no hesitation going out at night with a return in the dark. We visited friends while we were there at their villa and their drive seemed treacherous compared to our paved experience- they would never return to their house after dark. With that said, when you get to the villa, you have about 1 ½ flights of stairs down to get to the house (parking is up above the house.) The stairs were in great shape as the house is still new. There's a hose at the bottom of the steps so you can rinse things (feet/shoes) before going in the house. This is a great feature for your daily return from the beach.

The house is exactly as you can see from video/pictures but of course the usual all-encompassing beauty is far better than you see in a picture.

The location is nice but if you want pure wilderness, this place may not be for you. In the evenings we could hear the music from the nearby bar... which we loved, but some may not like it. It was always an eclectic mix of music - a variety of genre throughout the week. Again, we really enjoyed sitting out on the deck each night, having a drink and listening to the music right from the house!

The light in the house is incredible. The sunshine hits the house a good portion of the day. When we were there in January, we could not see the sunrise over the water, it was coming up behind the hill to the left of the house but it didn't make it any less magical as the light rolled over the hills to the right.

Another magical moment was sitting on the deck on Sunday morning and listening to the people at the Moravian Church not far away. The singing was so spiritual and made for a beautiful Sunday morning.

Now, for the house, it was EVERYTHING you could possibly need and want. I wouldn't hesitate to rent again and would recommend it to anyone.



How were the beds? We stayed there a couple years ago and loved the place but the beds were as hard as rocks. Would love to got back if that has chanced.


The beds were very comfortable. That ended up being really important to me because the week we left, I injured my back. There were some type of toppers on the beds.... not sure what they were, but they were awesome.

Don't let the beds hold you back. That has been corrected if it was a problem in the past.

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