Villa Belvedere: Villa is a little "tired"

Rating: (Fair)

We had enjoyed our stay at Belvedere two years ago and were anxious to go back. While we love the location and spectacular views, I was disappointed this time. No upgrades have been made to appliances or fixtures (other than new shower heads for the garden showers), and the villa was a little "tired" and needed of a good, thorough cleaning.

It's been on the market, so I suppose the owner doesn't want to put a lot of money into it, but I would think it would sell faster with some fresh paint and attention to some of the aging fixtures. It also could be better provisioned. The kitchen is pretty spartan. We only ate breakfast in, so it wasn't a big deal to us, but if people wanted to cook dinner, it might be a little challenging.

We had a few issues - no working toilets when we arrived, an empty cistern midway through our stay, and a broken air conditioner - and Destination St. John was terrific about taking care of the problems immediately when we called. There was also a lot of water that leaked into the villa after very heavy rains.

Although we love the location, sadly I'm not sure I'd go back to Belvedere until some updates are made.

This review was originally submitted by BuffaloGal.

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