T'ree Palms: Fit our needs

Rating: (Good)

We stayed in the lower unit of T'ree Palms with our two toddler children (ages 2 and 4). There are two available rentals now on this property-the upstairs (which was owner occupied during our visit but is now also rented) and the lower unit. There is also a caretaker apartment on the property. We didn't see the owner much during the visit, except when we needed/wanted them. They were very respectful of our privacy and kept out of the pool area while we were there and kept even their toddler quiet for the most part (except for the pitter patter of feet at 6 am).

The lower unit has two bedroom on opposite sides of the living/ dining area. It is a very open space inside. There are two separate bathrooms next to each bedroom. The master has a queen bed and is quite nice. The second bedroom is perfect for kids. The beds do not combine to a king. There are tons of kids toys available in this room and Christmas lights around the ceiling doubling as a nightlight (though it was quite bright). There are lots of shelves in this bedroom with all the linens, and it is really most appropriate for youngsters.

This villa fit our needs as far as being kid friendly. Not only are there tons of kids toys and books, there were sand toys, a booster seat available, and most importantly the pool is down a set of stairs and has a child safety gate on it.

The views are nice. But the trip getting to the villa was a little interesting. The road is unpaved in some areas and there are some steep switchbacks.

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