Tradewinds Cottage: A can't miss destination!

Rating: (Excellent)

If you are into privacy and relaxing in a spectacular ocean view setting made more lovely with high wooden ceilings, hard wood floors, and white-washed walls decorated with a fun and tasteful eye...If you'd love the convenience of having your own kitchen and stretching out on a porch overlooking a span of ocean... then this is a can't miss destination!

Tradewinds Cottage was absolutely breathtaking with views of Tortola and the British Virgin Islands from every room...even the shower! And while we were happy to conserve water, I can't tell you how sensational it was to shower in the evenings with the breeze coming off the water and the lights from the islands twinkling in the distance. Even from our cozy bed (complete with netting), we could experience that same view as the ocean breeze and sounds lulled us to sleep. In the AM, we'd witness the sunrise and then lazily fall back to sleep.

The experience we had here was beyond memorable... especially with so many great beaches nearby! We snorkeled with angel fish nibbling out of our hands while Pelicans flew just a few feet away. We shopped, dined and leisurely roamed the island passing donkey, deer, and goats to name a few! This is the type of experience you dream about!

This review was originally submitted by Karen Alves.

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