Sundancer: The ultimate in privacy

Rating: (Good)

Although we have been to the island twice a year for many years, this was the first time we stayed as far out as Fish Bay. My husband enjoyed the location, I did not, it was too isolated for me. This is an older home, but not ancient. If you are looking for the ultimate in privacy, Sundancer will provide it, for sure! The lot next door was being surveyed for the buyer at the time we were in the house (Dec 2010). The new house should not change the privacy, however, you might want to check to see about the construction, and if it is noisy.

The house is very clean, bright, adequately equipped and has great views. The managing company, Cimarron, is fabulous. We immediately saw that there was a percolator and not a drip pot, within minutes after our call, they came with a new Mr. Coffee. We needed a deck umbrella fixed, again, they came immediately and provided a new stand.

Two umbrellas provide the only shade on the deck. One of them is immobile and pretty useless so we moved the second one around every 1/2 hour or so. The hot tub is solar heated, with an electric backup, so you have to plan your hot tub sessions well in advance.

This was the first house we have rented in years that did not leave most of the basics. We had to buy foil, napkins, ketchup, mayo, etc. The equipment in the kitchen is just adequate. Not enough mugs unless you washed them by hand, the silverware was an odd collection of mismatched stuff. The kitchen cabinetry has seen better days but is functional. There were enough towels and the linens were in good condition.

Overall, the house is priced for what you get and is fine for two people.

This review was originally submitted by Sue NYC.

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