Sundancer: Disappointed

Rating: (Fair)

This was my first trip to St. John and I was so nervous about picking a villa. I read all the reviews on the forum and wasn't sure I made the right choice but we thought what the heck and reserved Sundance through Cloud 9.

The Pro's: Distance from town was perfect...we were close enough but far enough away not to be bothered by any Cruz Bay traffic. The King sized bed in the Master was very comfortable and the house was clean and it had AC. The pool was small but perfect for two people and the villa office staff was nice.

The Con's: The house is very old and nothing has been not let the pictures fool you. The age is showing! There was a bug issue. We killed alot of spiders and hundreds of ants. We could not use the hot tub b/c the ants were covering the top deck and every morning we would find them by the doors. The two sets of doors to the outside (not sliding glass) didn't seal very well and had holes and cracks for insects to get through. The mosquito problem was bad. No matter how much bug spray I put on...I was eaten alive if I was outside. And whoever says that air conditioning is not needed during the summer is crazy. The path to Hart's Bay was not close or it didn't lead directly from the villa. You had to cross a couple steep roads before you even got to the paths.

Overall we had a great trip but I was disapointed in the villa.

One tip I will pass along. Our reservations home left the St. Thomas airport at 8:15...when I made the reservation with Cloud 9 I assumed that there would be a ferry available (stupid me) to get us there on time but I found out later that unless we wanted to pay for a private water taxi we most likely would not make our flight. So we ended up staying in St. Thomas and paying double (Cloud 9 would not refund) because we didn't factor this into our trip.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me...I wish I was still there:)

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