Sundance Villa: Barebones

Rating: (Fair)

We stayed in Sundance from Nov. 10 through 17, 2012. It is now managed by Destination St. John. The house is an easy ride from Cruz Bay. The view toward the water is lovely, the hillside view is fair. The house has good space and it is clean. It is priced correctly. If you are looking for a place to crash it will do. The kitchen is very old, the cabinet doors are barely hanging on. The dishes and silverware are mismatched, some of the plastic cups are freebees from a local restaurant. There were no platters, salad spinner or coolers to be found. It was definitely make-do. The "gazebo" is lovely but without a fan, it is very hot and without a light it is hard to eat out there. Destination St. John did bring us a light of sorts but it didn't really do the trick. The master bathroom is very large but the shower felt like we were camping. The water sort of stopped and started and the spray was wide and weak. Getting the soap out of your hair was a challenge. There was no soap dish in the shower, no place to put shampoo except on the floor. One of those plastic hanging shelves would have been such an easy fix! The hot tub was serviceable as was the barbeque but old and tired, like the rest of the house. Next time we will spend a bit more and look for a newer house. We have been going to St. John for many years and it is true that you get what you pay for. Would certainly rent from Destination St. John again but would not stay at Sundance unless it was totally updated.

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