Sol Inclination: What a view!

Rating: (Excellent)

We got used to the drive up to sky top in a couple of days. Sol is on the Tippety top, no one is above you. It's private, nice breeze, sun all day on pool, it's beautiful up there, we had a great time and watched the sunrise every day. There are two master beds inside the main house and two queens in the guest house below the pool. All rooms had ac, there was ac in the LR of the main house too, beds were really comfy, pillows were nice, no tv in bedrooms, but there's a tv above the fireplace in the LR and another in a side room upstairs. Kitchen was nice, there's a grill outside, hot tub, pool is small but refreshing. There's excellent beach towels to use, beach bags, beach chairs, a couple noodles, and coolers. All in all this was a fabulous place to stay and we would stay again. We had no trouble with the location being further out...but that would be one downside of sol, is that if you like to be out late at night in town having a few drinks, you may want to stay closer to town. The drive is only 15 minutes, but at night, it's hard to see and there are switch backs to maneuver. The only other problem we encountered was being locked out of one of the bedrooms in the guest house. If you lock the door, it stays locked, even if you open it from the inside of the room...big surprise that a lot of people have been locked out. So, watch out for that if you stay in the guest house cause we couldn't get back in until the next morning when the locksmith came and he said one day he had to come out 4 times when kids were staying there...yikes! Why the owners just don't remove or disable that lock I don't know! However, all in all sol was a beautiful villa!

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