Sol Inclination: Beautiful villa, beautiful view

Rating: (Excellent)

We stayed at Sol Inclination from 2/11-2/25. It is high, very high, as high as you can get above Fish Bay, about 20 minutes to Cruz Bay and 40 minutes to Coral Bay. You are right next to heaven!

There were five of us the 1st week and seven the 2nd week. All adults, no kids...we travel together every year to different islands...this being our 2nd time to STJ. I love STJ and had really been looking forward to get glad we did.

The main house and guest house are equally lovely, the main house being larger with 2BR, powder room, living room, dining room and kitchen. The bedrooms in the main house have king beds and there are queen beds in the guest house. Other than that and the outdoor shower in one of the main house bedrooms (the blue bedroom), I feel that they are pretty much equal which is important to this group. The blue bedroom in the main house is a little bit smaller than the red bedroom which didn't really matter in the long run! The decor in bedrooms are all different and well done...... they are all spacious and comfortable and all have individual AC systems. They all have shared balconies (the main house upper balcony being my favorite spot of in the morning was glorious here). My only complaint would be that this is the 1st house in which I have stayed where I have shared a wall with another bedroom. Though quite thick, we could hear each other and I like a little more privacy.

The kitchen is large and has everything you could possibly need in terms of pots, pans, glassware, plastic ware, utensils, tupperware, baking dishes, coffee grinder, etc, etc. Nothing is missing! It is well laid out and has a second sink which was nice. Lots of counter space, great ice maker, insulated grocery bags (yup!), plenty of paper towels and dish soap. The washer and dryer are right next to the kitchen and are very quiet. The powder room is right there as well and is really nice. There is no real food pantry or even cabinet but we made it work. No condiments in the fridge but tons of spices.

There are lots of beach chairs (and brand new), and pool toys including rafts and noodles. I actually bought a few noodles before I really investigated the closets! The pool, though not large (which was fine for us) is the perfect temp (even in Feb) and 5' deep throughout. We spent lots of time in the pool just floating and relaxing and looking out to was heavenly! We also used the hot tub almost every day...we had some problems at first with the temp but after a call to Marc Miller, we got it all worked out and never had another problem.

The landscaping is incredible....there was a lot of thought and effort put forth in this department...very much appreciated by this guest!!! There are tons of hummingbirds and banaquits as feeder for the banaquits so we made our own. Hoping this didn't spoil them too much but I loved having them around!

Both sunrise and sunsets (mostly sky colors as the sun sets behind the mountain, but you still get the jist) ...sunrises amazing.... if you get up that early!!! I caught at least 4 sunrises and am so glad! Try it! The night sky and the stars were fantastic.....I spent many an evening in one of those lawn chairs staring straight up at the sky. Paired with a glass of wine and some tunes (outdoor speakers), it just didn't get any better. I loved the evenings a Sol Inclination.

In fairness, I have to mention a few things that we didn't like...want to be honest here:) The driveway was a bear (and I am pretty tolerant of things like this) We only had one car (7 passenger, so larger than the regular jeeps) but I can't imagine for one minute trying to park a 2nd car in there. However, my husband begs to differ and I have seen pictures so I know it's possible. It was just really challenging due to being on top of the world and how steep it was.....(the price we pay for peace and solitude!!!!), and it certainly did not ruin our trip! The other negative was the distance to town...20 minutes to Cruz Bay (we timed it). Not a huge deal but you couldn't just pop in to town. I would stay closer to either Cruz Bay or Coral Bay next time. There are no other negatives.

Loved Sol Inclination and would highly recommend it for those looking for lovely accommodations, solitude and a view to die for!! Hope this helps!

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