Orchid Hill: In need of maintenance

Rating: (Fair)

My husband and I stayed at Orchid Hill over New Years 2009/10. We loved the location (top of Maria Bluff) and the view, however, the condition of the villa was disappointing. The villa was in desperate need of maintenance. It looked like nothing had been done as far as upkeep for at least 10 years. The outdoor furniture was rotting so bad that we busted through a couple of the loungers. I also almost fell backward on one of the wooden chairs in the outdoor lounge because the wood was so rotten the back of the chair half broke off. By the way, I'm a tiny girl. I've never broken a chair in my life until now, and I broke two. The locks on the villa didn't work very well either as they were incredibly rusted.

Upon leaving, we were advised that the owner was going to spend a couple weeks updating the villa. If you're thinking about renting Orchid Hill make sure you find out what condition it's in.

This review was originally submitted by vm2000.

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