One Particular Harbor: I would do it again

Rating: (Great)

We loved this place. We normally stay on the Cruz Bay side of the island, but this was a good change of pace. The view was great. We watched the activity in the harbor and the community from our location.

No problems with the villa at all. You do have to deal with the steps, but that was good exercise. It would be tough on the elderly or disabled. The ride up the mountain is a little much since you do it several times a day.

The pool was cold and we only went in it one time as a dare. We stuck to the beaches. We would have liked to use the pool, but that was not possible.

Be careful in renting a car. We rented from Spencer Rental and do not recommend them. We drove across the mountain and then found out we had a tire with the steel belt exposed. We had to drive back across the mountain at our expense in money and time to get it changed. At turn in we had the gas level in the tank the same as when we got the car, but unfortunately they had it marked at 1/4 tank more. My fault, but the car pickup can be a little be stressful with the Realtor and our wives back at the ferry waiting for us to return so we could be taken to our villa. At turn in, the opposite is true. Everyone is at the ferry waiting for you to come back. They charged $8.95/gallon for gas we were short. There is currently only one operating gas station on the island, so plan ahead. Also do not use Spencer Car Rental. I sent them an email explaining what had happened and never heard one word. Do not deal with these unethical people.

St John is a great vacation and One Particular Harbor is great for a party of two couples. I would do it again.

This review was originally submitted by Dick from Lake Keowee.

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