Mill Ridge: It's a real gem!

Rating: (Excellent)

Mill Ridge is a 2BR, 2BA home located high up above Coral Bay in the Estate Carolina section of St. John. I believe that the owner/builder couple that manage the place used to live there. It certainly has the feel of home!

Everything about the place is in mint condition, clean, and functional. The kitchen is equipped with every manner of utensil and equipment that you could ever use, and all of it is top quality.

The layout of the villa is very efficient - once you ascend the steps from the ample driveway in front of the house (there's even a two car garage you can use if you so choose!) everything is accessed on one level, and you can get from one end to the other from either the side that faces Coral Bay via the long covered porch or via the entry way along the "front" of the house, that faces the mountain.

Both bedrooms have A/C, but we never found the need to turn ours on - the breezes kept us comfortable, and by the time morning rolled around we always had the blanket covering us!

There is a gazebo with a gas grill and outside dining area with a killer view of the pool, and Coral Bay beyond that.

The attention to detail, from all of the lighting options, to the selection of beach chairs, to the office with printer (for those boarding passes!), helped make this a great place to stay.

It is located in a quiet, mostly residential neighborhood, and although you may hear a voice or two from time to time, we never felt that we didn't have privacy.

The road up is unpaved, but it appeared as though work on paving it was getting underway while we were there.

To top it off, the owner/manager was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I'm really amazed that I hadn't heard about this place before, as it's a real gem!

This review was originally submitted by augie.

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