Luminaria: May 27-June 3 2015

Rating: (Excellent)

Two of us stayed at Luminaria and found it to be an outstanding villa that worked great for the two of us. The views are awesome here, there's three views, one of Tortola and the BVIs, one of the east end and BVIs, and one of coral bay and Bordeaux mountain...this villa has outstanding views that span 270 degrees! We found the kitchen to be large, well lit and well appointed, very nice. The family living area had lots of windows and great views and nice seating as well, good lighting options and well labeled light switches. The Master BR on ground floor had a great round stone wall shower with glass blocks in it for natural lighting the BR had an awesome view out across Tortola and the BVIs, but be advised the sun beams in at 5:45 AM..right into your face in the bed...we enjoyed that :). There was AC in the BR but we didn't use it, we preferred open windows and natural breezes. The grounds were well kept and had interesting flowers and tropical trees and plants and the pool and pool deck were great, very private and just right for a romantic adult vacation ;)
The two downstairs bedrooms looked nice and there are two bathrooms down there too and a modest seating area as well. We really loved this villa and would go again in a heartbeat! The driveway was steep but I see that as alot of fun!! Viva Villas was great to work with too!

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