Kaleidoscope: An epicurean delight

Rating: (Excellent)

We found Kaleidoscope VIlla on VRBO (although they have a website as well: www.kaleidoscopeusvi.com). We contacted Jack directly and he was easy to work with and patiently answered all our questions. We arrived without a hitch, breezed across St. Thomas to Red Hook, and grabbed the 4pm ferry. Brian, the host for Kaleidoscope met us at the dock and helped us with our bags. We pulled into the drive and I had never in my life seen anything quite like it. The photos online really didn't do it justice. The landscaping was gorgeous and lush. The architecture was unreal. Large mahogany windows and doors lined the walls like frames for the endless view.

Normally we don't spend a ton of time at the rental we choose, but this trip was very different. There was really no reason to leave. It was several days before we could peel ourselves away from Ditleff Point.

The infinity pool was amazing. It was heated, and at night you could turn on an underwater light that changed the water different colors as well as the waterfall. It also had a system that didn't require lots of chlorine, which was a bonus.

Ditleff was a great place to walk and explore. It is really beautifully planned and landscaped. The beach was pretty calm for the whole trip. I can assure all of you that nature is alive and well there, and the snorkeling can't be beat. We caught a lobster in the bay below the house, but he was just a little guy, so we threw him back to grow up some.

The bird watching from the tower was awesome. We went and had coffee there almost every morning for sunrise. We were able to see a deer swim clear across Fish Bay. Sunsets were beautiful, as were the moon rises. You could see turtles surfacing in both bays all day long from the pool, the tower, and the verandahs. The tower was my favorite place at the villa. It was also a great spot for catching rainbows.

I think one of my husbands favorite villa features was the circular driveway. It probably seems like an odd favorite, but after a bad driveway experience you become overly grateful for a good one. It was ridiculously easy, and since he does all the driving, he was more than appreciative that he didn't have a 95 point turn in order to leave or come home from a long day at the beach.

The master bath was a dream with a soaking tub and separate outdoor shower with two shower heads. There was also an indoor shower in another bedroom if needed on a breezy night.

The bedrooms were all equally beautiful and each had a king bed, bath, and private verandah. It is ideal for group travel.

There is a beautiful travertine tunnel below the tower which leads out to a nice view and a hot tub.

The kitchen at the villa was an epicurean delight. It was the most well equipped of any villa we have ever stayed at. They had a coffee grinder and a salad spinner --two items we don't typically find. There really wasn't an item we looked for and didn't find. All of it was great quality cookware.

Overall we loved Kaleidoscope and and can't think of a place we would like to return to more.

This review was originally submitted by Chris and Mark - New England.

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