French Cap: Beautiful, peaceful, real

Rating: (Excellent)

We actually stayed at French Cap over a year ago, and I was Googling the villa today both out of nostalgia and because we're thinking of going back. I came across a review on this website that was so opposite of our experience that I felt I had to leave my own.

French Cap is an older house, but it is just gorgeous. It sits perfectly in the middle of a small bay, on a large lot. My wife and I were alone (without the kids), but the house would have been absolutely comfortable with all four of us.

Yes, there are some bugs - but they're everywhere on the island. The house was clean and well-kept, and I could tell that things like the bathroom doors and sliding doors had recently been repaired. A light or two went out while we were there, but they had provided extra bulbs. The power on these islands sometimes surges, and the light bulbs take the hits.

But ultimately, we could not have dreamed of a more perfect spot. We hiked down to the beaches both below the house, and behind the house. We only occasionally saw neighbors on the road. The water cooler in the house is a huge plus (several years ago we stayed in another villa and had to buy gallon water jugs every couple days). The pool and hot tub are nice for an evening cool off/heat up. Would go back again and again. Thanks Care Free!

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