Florian Villa: A bit disappointed

Rating: (Poor)

Stayed here May of 2009 and can't give a glowing recommendation which I feel bad about because one of the owners is very nice (the only one I had dealings with) and they donate the villa for veteran and firefighter vacations. That being said I will plunge ahead. Jungly area - which we liked - with tons of iguanas and gekkos, goats (neighbor), but also 2 tarantulas. The house is fairly old (30 yrs?) and relatively well-maintained but one of hurricane shutters was broken so had to stay in the down position over the remote screen wall - lost lots of what view little there is. View is only okay and then only from the upper level. The trees have even limited that radically and the lower level with pool and BR has no view.

The large pool and deck as well as pool toys were very nice. No construction noise, just some noise from traffic on Gifft Hill Rd. The MBR is okay, but the 2 other BRs are very, very, very basic and plain - think cheap motel. There is a full range of spices in the kitchen and water pressure throughout the house is fine. Parking is also fine for 2 cars. I was very, very disappointed upon arrival. This was my 4th trip to SJ and the villa was well below the level of the other 3 that I've stayed at (Vistaero, Coral Rays and Cococaribe). For the price ($3500 plus tax) I expected much more - this is more in line with being a $2000 a week rental.

This review was originally submitted by Cheryl.

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