Fish Beach: Beautiful and comfortable

Rating: (Good)

We picked this villa due to an outstanding special rate the management company, Caribbean Villa(s?) was running. It has the potential to be a 4 star property.

This a rather new villa, was finished, I believe, in 2009. The owners/builders created a very solid and attractive home, and appeared to spare little expense on materials while doing so. The kitchen appliances are all top rate, as are all of the fixtures throughout the villa.

It seems as though they either ran out of money when they were done, or else just decided to go with more economy when it came time to furnish the place.

The front door wouldn't latch shut when we first got there unless the deadbolt was engaged. Likewise the A/C thermostat battery was dead, none of the flashlights worked, and the door for the closet that houses the washer and dryer is improperly hung to the point that it has permanently scarred the beautiful travertine flooring just in front of it.

The dish for TV was not functional the whole time we were there - no huge deal, but that is an advertised feature and some folks may want to watch TV, especially when staying at a place that far "out".

The pool was nice, but we couldn't enjoy it, or any of the outside spaces, for very long without being attacked by no-see-ums. Whether that was unusual or not I don't know, but the relatively low on the hill/near the water location may be a factor.

If you like being away from it all, this might be a good place for you - when the skies are clear the stargazing out that way is amazing!

Overall a beautiful and comfortable villa, but there are/were some execution issues there that keep me from giving it the very highest rating.

This review was originally submitted by augie.

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