Eureka: Neglected

Rating: (Poor)

Eureka is an older west indies home on St. John. No frills, or anything to knock your socks off...however it does have an amazing view.

The villa has 2 master suites with one room having a king and the other two twins. we had the bedroom with the twins. the one bed had broken springs in it and was uncomfortable. the whole room is surrounded by screens an unfortunately for us one of the screens had a hole in it, so we dealt with bugs our entire 2 week stay.

The house needs to be updated terribly, but that could be why it rents so low. Our first night, my mother in law found maggots on the floor in the kitchen into the master bedroom they were sleeping in. We did call the management but did not hear back from them. (management did say they never got the message) so the next morning we cleaned the villa as best as we could. this place is still in need of a major cleaning. There is a whole another sleeping quarter downstairs that seems to have been hit with water damage possibly from the recent storms. this house has so much potential to just be awesome, but it's so neglected.

last but far from least we dealt with new construction right next to us. I normally don't complain but this was so annoying. the owner who is building come right over to apologized to us and said they did inform our villa management about the construction an would try to keep things quit. 10 out of 14 days we dealt with jack-hammering almost every morning. you need to ask your rental agent if new construction is going on around you before you rent anything on this island. our management did nothing for us an claimed the owner did not contact them to tell them that this was going to begin during our stay.

Overall Eureka is a nice house with a lot of neglect. It could be so much more!

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