Elysium: Nice villa on Fish Bay

Rating: (Great)

We recently returned from 13 days on St. John and on this trip we stayed at Elysium in Fish Bay. We enjoyed the house and most of the pictures on Caribbean Villa's website are fairly accurate although some need to be updated.

The house is basically 2 levels although there is a 3rd level below the house that leads from the pool deck which is just a washer/dryer room and under house storage. The top level is really the main entrance area to the house. The living room/kitchen/dining and a full bath are on the top level. There is A/C on the top level and 3 ceiling fans.
2 sides of the house (facing fish bay) are sliding glass doors that are super heavy and will give you a work out opening and closing. They may be too heavy and hard to pull for kids. My son had a very hard time opening and closing the sliding doors. All doors lock with the house key.

The upper deck had an outdoor dining table and a gas grill on it. Both decks had lounge chairs with outdoor cushions that we personally would not ever think of laying on! The roaming cats liked them though.

The kitchen contained all the necessary items (except a steamer - we like to steam broccoli). It has a dishwasher, nice oven and range, a big refrigerator, coffee maker, toaster, blender, plenty of plates, glasses, cups, silverware, and plenty of cabinet space.
The dining room is just a small table between the kitchen and living area. It met our needs but could only accommodate 4 people max. The living room contains a couch, a love seat, coffee table, a sofa chair and the TV. There was a DVD player and they have an IPOD docking station/clock as well. The TV channels received were from DISH Network and there was no network feeds on the service (so no CBS/ABC/NBC/FOX, etc.). The other basic cable channels were available and although my son was disappointed, it was fine since TV is not our focus anyway.

The 2 bedrooms are on the lower level and both had king beds. The first one was considered the master and again has 2 sides of the room (facing fish bay) that are sliding glass doors with curtains. Again the doors are super heavy and will give you a work out opening and closing. This room has a closet with a safe in it. It has a long dresser, 2 night stands, and another TV. It has a ceiling fan, A/C, and a full bath off the room with 1 sink, toilet and tile shower. The shower has no light and was very dark. Everything worked and was fine.

The second bedroom just past the master was almost the same. King size bed, dresser, TV, ceiling fan, A/C, full bathroom off the bedroom, small closet.

One minor annoyance (mostly for my wife) was that the A/C blows directly on the head of the bed which when we used, made her too cold at night. She doesn't like A/C blowing on her head. I didn't mind but it was bothersome at times.

The lower deck had more lounge chairs and a small bistro type table.
The pool was about 5ft deep and plenty big enough for cooling off in the afternoons. The pool deck also had a small 4 person hot tub. The pool deck had a table and more lounge chairs. We had 3 resident cats that showed up from time to time.

The driveway to the house is a bit of an adventure. Once it Fish Bay there is a dirt road off the main right before Reef Bay. The dirt road is very bumpy with pot holes and was quite the adventure. Eventually the road goes back to concrete and goes up a hill to the driveway. At the top of the hill (can't see down the other side to know if someone in coming up or not) the driveway is a sharp turn to the left. I never could make the turn in 1 try. Had to always do a turn, back up, and finish the turn to drive up. We just consider it part of the adventure and it didn't bother us.

Miscellaneous info:
We did have cell phone service at the house (which I was surprised about) with AT&T service. No problems there.
The house has WIFI service.
The house has 4 beach chairs and multiple coolers for use. It also has 4 beach towels available.
There was plenty of bath towels and toilet paper and soap available.

All in all, we had a fabulous time and we would recommend Elysium.

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