Debolina: One of my favorite villas to date

Rating: (Excellent)

DeBolina was one of my favorite villas to date and the location was positively fabulous!! It was our first time staying on Ajax Peak and I would definitely recommend it! The villa was very comfortable and has 4 bedrooms and a very comfy loft area that one of our group who is a single guy latched onto!! It was the only one that didn't have a/c. Lots of steps, but we are kind of used to that. It is located almost at the end of Ajax Peak Rd so there is lots of privacy and lots of private areas inside to escape to and it is well furnished. My only complaint was that the deck furniture was not too great and I love deck sitting at night. The pool area was great too and it was actually warm and got sun almost all day. We loved the convenience to the north shore beaches and it's only about 5 minutes or so to Coral Bay. Being up high on Ajax Peak, the breezes were excellent and absolutely NO BUGS. The road is paved part way and rather bumpy the rest of the way, but that's St. John!!

This review was originally submitted by lazylane.

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